How It Works

We make credit repair very simple for you with just a simple 3-step process.

ShowMe Credit Solutions is a registered and licensed financial consulting firm that specializes in credit repair services. The business will be based in Wentzville – Missouri, and we can secure a positioned and standard office facility. We understand running a credit repair services firm can be difficult. Therefore, we are well-trained, certified, and equipped to excel in this field.

How can ShowMe Credit Solutions help me with my credit score?

ShowMe Credit Solutions is a client-focused and result-driven credit repair services firm. We offer broad-based services at an affordable fee. Our services won’t put a hole in our client’s pockets.

We offer credit repair services to individuals and corporations. This includes local, state, and national levels. We offer both standard and professional services. We will ensure that we work hard to meet and surpass our client’s expectations whenever they hire our services.

Our Process


Getting Started

First, you need to go to our signup page and fill out the signup form. Once this is done you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to get your 3 bureau credit report.


Review And Setup

Once we receive your credit report we will do a review of your report, make a list of your issues, and get things prepped for the credit repair process. As needed, we will email you a list of steps that you may take to immediately start impacting your score positively.


The Dispute Process

We will challenge all of the erroneous items with the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus will send you the results of what has been corrected and what still remains. If the item challenge was not corrected we will send out customized follow-up disputes designed to optimize the desired outcome.