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ShowMe Credit Solutions engaged the services of a core professional in the area of business consulting and structuring to assist the firm in building a well–structured credit repair services firm that can favorably compete in the highly competitive credit repair consulting services industry.

Part of what the business consultants did was work with our organization’s management in conducting a SWOT analysis for ShowME Credit Solutions.

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Who Is Allowed To See My Credit Report?

With increased consumer awareness about the importance of a good credit score, regularly viewing a credit report, and the negative or positive impact that a credit score can have on your finances, it’s practical to want to know who else can see your credit score. Your credit score and credit report are snapshots of how you handle your affairs and key indicators of your risk to a lender. So who has the right to check your credit score?
Any people or organizations who have a “legitimate business need” can check your credit score. The phrase “legitimate business need” casts a broad net over who can access your credit score, and people and entities that fall under the category include:

1.) Current and prospective employers (with your consent)
2.) Child support enforcement agencies at the state and local levels
3.) Any government agency (how’s that for a broad net?)
4.) Landlords
5.) Credit card companies
6.) Mortgage and auto loan lenders
7.) Insurance companies

In short, anyone who’s considering extending credit of any kind to you can check your credit report and credit score.


ShowME Credit Solutions, LLC has 10 years of combined experience in the credit field and we have mastered how to examine a credit report for erroneous accounts. Once these erroneous accounts are found we will go to war to have these items corrected or deleted from your credit profile immediately! Removing these negative items that will be the first part of the credit repair process. During the credit repair process, we will also assist all clients in opening new lines of credit to start rebuilding good credit. WE ARE YOUR SOLUTION!!